Environmental Policy 

Allied Metal Company commits itself to: 

  1. Prevent pollution by controlling waste streams within defined limits. 
  2. Comply with applicable laws and regulations. 
  3. Continually improve performance by striving to reduce or eliminate environmental impacts where technically and financially feasible. 

In short, our Environmental Policy is: “Conserving today while Protecting Tomorrow” 

Environmental Objectives 

    1. Minimize air pollution 
    2. Control waste 

Allied Metal Company is committed to meeting all relevant requirements of ISO 14001 and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality /environmental management system. 

Leadership, Customer Focus, and Management Commitment 

Allied top management shows leadership and commitment to the Quality / Environmental Management System (QEMS) by: 

Being accountable for its effectiveness, communicating the importance of conformity to the QEMS, and directing the contribution to QEMS effectiveness by employees and others.  

Establishing quality and environmental policies and objectives consistent with our business context and strategic direction.

Comply with, register and maintain an ISO 14001 Certification. 

Maintaining business processes consistent with, and taking into account: 

– The process approach (QMS.00C Core Process Sequence and Interaction and QMS.00D Support Processes) 

– Risks and opportunities (SOP-A Risks Opportunities and Actions; QMS-01E Risk List and QMS-01F Opportunity List)  

  1. Providing resources for QEMS operation. 
  2. Ensuring that the QEMS achieves its intended results and taking action when results vary from objectives. 
  3. Promoting improvement. 

Top management ensures customer focus by ensuring that: 

  • All relevant requirements are understood and consistently met; 
  • Risks and opportunities affecting products, services, customer satisfaction, and prevention of pollution are understood and addressed; 
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction and prevention of pollution is continually emphasized.