Company History


Allied Metal Company, a U.S.A. producer of aluminum and zinc alloys, supplies die casting and foundry operations that serve the appliance, automotive, electronics, furniture, hardware, housewares, sporting goods and toy industries, to name a few. Since 1952, Allied Metal’s innovation and expansion have shown our ongoing commitment to provide quality metals and superior service. A 4th generation family owned and operated business, Allied Metal Company has grown into one of most respected companies in the United States.


Allied operates both a Secondary Aluminum Alloy plant along with a Zinc Alloy facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  With Corporate Offices and warehousing in Chicago, Illinois, we serve the die casting, foundry, brass, galvanizing and plating industries with an array of quality products branded under the Allied Metal Company family logo and is registered as an ISO 9001 company since 1998 with a current registration to 9001-2015. In the midst of an unprecedented time in the global economy, Allied Metal Company continues to move forward establishing itself with a solid customer base, both domestically and abroad, and is strategically prepared to advance in the continually changing world of aluminum and zinc in the years ahead.


Allied Metal is a responsive and progressive organization – a dependable, efficient and quality-oriented business partner for aluminum, zinc, magnesium and silicon consumers and sellers and is geared toward making rapid decisions. Our staff of professional metal people provides continuity in our business relationships.


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Marvin Fink (left) with his father-in-law and Founder of Allied Metal Company, Irving Dubofsky (right)

Mark Simpson and Father
Marvin, Joel, Mike, David

Marvin, Joel, Mike, David

Irving Dubofsky (Founder)
Marvin and David Fink

Irving Dubofsky (Founder) Marvin and David Fink

Mark Simpson and his father “Rudy” 1968.  Dad explaining the use of Silicon metal in Aluminum Alloys